It takes two to tandem

What we do

There is so much more to be seen than by car
- It's so much faster than walking
- It's so easy to enter in contact with other people
- Cycling is a healthy thing to do
- Cycling combines very well with camping
- On a bike you are a traveler, not a tourist

Why on a tandem?
For 20 years Hans cycled at least 10.000 kilometers a year
- In doing so he has acquired the associated muscles and physical condition
- Angelique has to get along with a little less muscles and physical condition
- Cycling on two separate bikes therefore would not be an option for us........
- Tandem cycling is 'fun', we really enjoy it, including the extra attention a tandem attracts
- We don't need to cycle very fast or very far
- Our tandem brings us where we want and we never need to wait for one another

Other pastimes...
- camping (both)
- gardening (both)
- working on our house (mainly Hans)
- skating on ice (both)
- walking (mainly Angelique)
- solo-biking, mountain-biking, running, badminton (Hans)
- cooking and enjoying a good glass of wine (both)
- running a household (both)
- spending time with our children, relatives and friends (both)