It takes two to tandem


In addition to the items mentioned under 'packing list', we'd like to mention a couple of things that we find quite practical.
Undoubtedly nothing new for seasoned bikers and campers, but nevertheless you may pick up something useful....

Fixing a hammock
We use very simple and effective pieces of rope. For sale at e.g. water sports shops (light, thin, strong). At any length you like. Typically some 4 meters each.
Fold each rope and tie both ends together every 10-15 cm.
Usage : 'strangle' the rope around a tree and secure each  hammock-hook at a knot at a suitable distance.
Check the picture top-right for an example.

Oral Rehydratation Salt. In a-lot-of-sweating conditions we prepare a 1.5 liter bottle with an ORS solution. At every break we drink a little. Reduces the risk of salt and minerals shortage and tastes well if you buy a version that comes with a flavor.

Cooking pan with an insulation cover
Ideal. We first boil our pasta or rice. Leave it in the warm pan. Put the insulating cover (a kind of neoprene) and it stays nice and warm whilst you prepare vegetables/meat/sauce. Also works as a 'haybox' when boiling rice. Boil the rice for approx. 15 minutes, remove any excess water, then just leave for some 15-20 minutes and ready !

Steel cable with lock
Our bike itself has a solid lock and we do find it a little overdone to carry a heavy chain in addition to that.
However, you often do want to secure your bike to a tree, gate or something 'fixed'.
We are using a light steel cable of a few meters with a small padlock. Actually it is a 'stay' from a sailing boat.
Bike, wheels, panniers can then easily be tied together and to a 'fixed' object. Not fully theft-proof, but it will hamper occasional thefts. We always try to keep our bike near-by, if possible within eye-sight.

Sport tape
ulti-functional. Medical usage as well as repairs. Where duck-tape gave up in tropical humidity and heat, sport tape continued to be usable.
Also useful for (beginning) blisters.

'Boyscout stuff'
Always have a piece of rope, lighter, tie-raps and a sharp pocket knife handy. Ever so convenient!

SPD sandals
SPD shoes are well-known (we are great fans of them), but also consider SPD sandals when cycling in hot areas. We found them idel in (hot) Greece and (tropical/humid) Surinam.