It takes two to tandem

Packing list

Not to worry : no complete packing list  here. You can find hundreds of these elsewhere on the internet. And who would be interested in the number of socks or underwear we take with us anyway?

We think we pack a little more stuff than the average holiday cyclist. We'll mention some 'luxury' items that may not be all that common which you might wish to consider to pack yourself.

We never leave without our hammock. We have a compact 2-person hammock made of parachute tissue.
A hammock makes wonderful relaxing after a day's biking, when you take an afternoon break or when you have a lazy day off.
Weight : 680 grams

In order not to always have to live 'on the ground'. Using a stool is better for our backs, more comfortable and we stay cleaner.
Weight : 600 grams each

Appalling to drink a nice wine from a plastic or perspex cup. Beer and tea too taste a lot better when drunk from a glass.
We gladly carry the additional weight for this 'luxury'.
Weight : 180 gram each

Fujitsu Lifebook P7010
12.6 Inch screen, usable keybaord, 80Gb, runs for 7 hours with the second battery and is a fully functional, fast windows pc.
We use it for:
- Storing , processing and organizing our photo's
- Maintaining of travel logs
- Preparing e-mails, pictures and other stuff to be sent to the folks back home. Put it on a memory stick and spend only little time at an  internet café
- Show our own pictures of 'back home'
- Build web pages
- Storage of electronic dictionaries
- Storage of any other relevant info, such as downloaded web pages
We love this little gem.
Weight : 1400 grams (including charger)

Angelique's hobbyhorse. Sometimes comes in handy. Especially for bird-watching.
Weight: 350 grams

At first we thought this was a pretty 'over the top' thing to do : wander about with a light on your head when camping.
But we are totally converted now : a Petzl is extremely practical, it weighs next to nothing, lasts for ages on a few small batteries and it has built-in intelligence : it gives light exactly where you need it.
And of course : hands-free. How could one manage to kill the last mosquitoes in a dark tent without a Petzl?
Weight : 80 grams

Foldable washing-up bowl
One of these things : it looks very over the top too. But it does make for a very light, flexible multi-purpose little aid.
Of course for washing dishes, clothes, vegetables (ourselves if need be), but also to carry water, filter water, use it as a shopping bag, storage container, whatever......
A lot of fun from a small package. 5 liters is big enough for us. You don't' want to carry 10 liters of water anyway......
Weight : 260 grams